A selfie highlights talent!

Of course you want your visitors’ picture taken at your event. A lasting memory is interesting for multiple reasons. And it becomes even more interesting when visitors become aware of their own talent en make it tangible in a lasting memory!

Want to capture not only your smile, but also your other talents?

Those talents also deserve a nice spot on your fridge or wall!

The SenSelfie is an ode to talent. Showing off talent is not something that is human nature. In fact, often times we do not even know our own talents. The Senself team knows what to do with that! The team members stimulate visitors to find their talent and take a picture with it, in whatever shape or form.

The visitors then get to take home a copy of this Senselfie as a lasting memory of his or her strong suits. The organiser receives all the SenSelfies digitally to spread via social media.

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