Brand activation

You only have 5 seconds to catch someone’s attention on a fair. A table with leaflets is not sufficient anymore. It’s time for special effects!

We design and / or deliver the effects you need to make an extra impact with your concept.

Strengthen your brand experience with scents, flavours, 360 videos, vibration effects, and more. This way, you make a unique impression and a memorable impression. Supporting an existing concept, completely worked out plan, or based on just a first idea.

Schets boom

Step 1

Tells us your wishes. What do you want to accomplish with your employees or visitors, what’s your vision, and what should make a lasting impression?

Schets binnenkant UE2

Step 2

We conceptualise a concept and make proposals how to implement it.

Spannabis Canna (753)2

Step 3

After an agreement, we realise the concept and make sure we provide an experience that stays alive.

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