What do our clients say about us? Please read the descriptions and reviews of some of the projects we have done in the past.


ABN Amro brand activation

An experience that connected to both the bank and the world of the school children. During a spectacular Dance4life event in venue Ahoy, people enjoyed the sound, feel and scent of the bank.


Sivantos Partnerday

Presentations with fragrances, colours and a sense-stimulating dinner here the ingredients for the Sivantos Partnerday. With soup being served in a bubbly laboratory and the main course in the production hall, the building was experienced in a different way.

Spannabis Canna (228)_1

Underground Experience

An experience was designed and facilitated for marketing company Boboti, at a fair in Barcelona. A show full of effects; scents, vibrations, water atomization, wind and smoke supported the story the client wanted to tell.

“6D is a nice party to work with, and goes all the way to find out what is possible and doable.”
Open Senses

Open Senses

A network of multisensory experts from London organised a festival where 24 events were hosted on 24 different locations, all around the theme ‘senses’. 6D provided them with installations to empower the effect.

“An inspirational, creative and professional organisation. Full of mad-cap, wonderful, weird and beautiful ideas.” Steph Singer – founder and creative director Open Senses


Ever since the very first edition in 2003, the 6D team works together with Possibilize to create the worldwide overall concept known as Sencity. The emotion in music is translated to a total experience for all the visitors, by using several sense-stimulating facilities directed by a so-called Sense Director. Sencity has toured around the whole world in places like London, Berlin, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Capetown, Johannesburg, Sydney, and New Zealand.


Boekids Festival

Children’s stories enriched with fitting images and scents the children get to take home with them. Upon arrival back home they could smell the scent again, immediately bringing back the experience of the story.

“Very remarkable that the senses of the children were stimulated while playing, and were given the opportunity to relive the festival at home!” Moniek Ammerlaan – Boekids Festival
Cultuurnacht Breda

Breda Night of Culture

During a magical ramble in the dark through the library of Breda, people were taken on a sense stimulating journey. Live Poetry-slam revolving around the message: “Nothing is as it seems”, with scent, taste and visual effects.

“It was a pleasure working together with 6D, a very creative and innovative team!” Marcha Vlasblom – Cultural centrum Nieuwe Veste Breda

Bosch Security Systems

Bosch presented its newest techniques at the RAI in Amsterdam. To experience the sound of the products more intensely, 6D added vibrations to the booth as an extra element.

AromaJockey kopie

The City of Amsterdam

6D facilitated a festive gathering at the Central Station in Amsterdam. The story of one of our inspirational speakers was enhanced by using scents, flavour sensations and sign dance.

“Visitors were pleasantly surprised, because everything came together. Contrary to our expectations, the attendees went through the roof!”
SH&M 2


Surprising and tailor-made peripheral programme, that fitted in with the collective search of the passion(s) of their advisers

“6D made a huge impact on the advisers and their business market. Impact that could be felt long after the event had ended.” Ingen Molenaar, CEO SH&M
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