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we stimulate all senses


We create that extra experience


Have you ever experienced your product in a different way? For instance, smelled or tasted it?
That sounds unique because it is!

6D designs creative scenarios for these types of experiences and makes them happen with your input! By stimulating all senses with a tailor-made concept, we will make your brand/company/product an experience that won’t be easily forgotten.

With our pallet of sense stimulating products and services, we will direct the desired total experience, together with you.


By stimulating the senses, valuable memories will be made. In the mind and in the entire body, the memory of smells, tastes, feelings, images and sounds are left behind. In this way, we compose an extraordinary moment for every specific situation.

Famous products from our lab include: our vibrating floor, scent applications, special taste creations and visual art. We also provide other valuable services in the form of workshops on body language, creativity and movement.

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Creating unforgettable memories


Sometimes you want something more than just a successful product or service. You want to bring about something different in the world – with your message, you want to get people thinking.

Sense-stimulating consultancy, inspiring workshops and campaigns with total experience are our answer to this.


The educational institute, Prisma, in Arnhem, Netherlands had asked us to make exercise both useful and fun for youth with a disability. By creating a sense-stimulating gym and developing a new teaching method, we made their vision a reality.

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Resources to get to the right goal


We work from our sense lab, where we cultivate special products and resources to reach our higher goal.

Hand in hand with our tailor-made products, we accept the challenge to realise a unique concept. For every vision, we create an appropriate script with which we will achieve our goal. We will not let our process be stopped because of non-existing facilities or unusual ideas. As Possibilizers, we will make the seemingly impossible, possible!

Since 2003, 6D has been creating and refining the worldwide, successful concept known as Sencity. Throughout this event our pallet of sense-stimulating products stimulates all the senses.


Our ‘sense director’ creates a show that highlights the emotions evoked from music. The association of the musical emotions to those of the products and artists takes place in an ‘emotion matrix.’ This is the backbone of the Sencity show.

The products and services in this sense-stimulating concept support the higher goal of Sencity – accessible entertainment for all. Facilitating interactions between visitors and sparking artistic inspiration are the end results.

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Enriching your product or service

We love limits; we especially love pushing them. This is what motivates us to think and act in possibilities and to step out of our comfort zone. Making the impossible, possible – or in our words: Possibilizing.
Possibilizing helps us to realise the fact that often more is possible than we actually think. That a challenge can be an inspiration.

We enrich your product with this philosophy. Not only your product, but also you!
6D enriches people and products through all the senses, even the sixth! Inspiring new forms of thought, maybe even going through a transformation of thoughts, is the ultimate goal in collaborations.



Who we are

A team of ‘Possibilizers.’

We see opportunities that are often unseen. That makes us inquisitive consultants, groundbreaking project leaders, social investigators and devoted directors.






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